Holiday Poem and Wishlist

wishlist holiday image.jpeg

Copy this and add your name so you can give this to the special one doing the shopping for your gifts. Link for a wishlist is below


My Christmas Wish

Christmas is coming and I’ve been a good girl. But I don’t want a blender, a diamond, or pearl.

What I long for is stamps and not those for mail.

But the rubber and ink kind that keep me from jail.

Yes, stamping’s my therapy. It’s what keeps me sane. It keeps me so happy, come snow or come rain.

So, do me a favor for Christmas this year. Give [ENTER YOUR NAME] the work, enjoy Christmas cheer!

She’ll order it, wrap it, Even make a great card. She’ll do all the things that make shopping hard.

I’ve included my wish list on the back of this letter.

It’s made it so easy. Now what could be better?

So go ahead, take a look Then send it her way.

I’ll be so elated come Christmas day!



Happy Stampin’

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